My name is Alison Bickel.  I live in the heart of the midwest in a small, white house with 3 freckle faced boys, a dog named Jack, and a big garden.  As you can imagine, all that leads to a lively, creative home.  I'm inspired by light, my garden, my morning cup of coffee, spending as much time outside as possible, travel & seeking the beauty in our everyday.
A wanna-be art teacher, my professional path has been in nursing, both oncology and hospice for 25 years.  Photography became my creative, artistic outlet, providing perspective and balance to my day job. My strength toward the visual and the lens of a camera were an instant love affair.  Almost 20 years later, I am a freelance photographer, with published works in cookbooks, magazines and outlets both online and in print.  I utilize natural light with a focus on food, commercial, editorial & lifestyle photography.  
To view recent work and play, head over to my instagram...
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